Privacy Policy & Legal Notice

Privacy Policy

Beautix is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to this website site. It is Beautix’s goal to observe the maximum standards of web site privacy so that our visitors can comfortably and safely use www.beautixlaser.com.

What kind of information do we collect?

Beautix’s web system regularly collects information about the origin and site navigation of its website visitors. We use this information to aid us in modifying this website based on website use patterns and isn’t linked to any information that could personally identify any one individual. During the collection process, Beautix may use “cookies.” A “cookie” is a text file placed on the browser of a web site visitor to identify that user’s web site use patterns. If you don’t want to have any "cookies" attached to your web browser, you can disable cookies through your browser or through your internet provider.

Beautix doesn’t collect any identifying or personal data on its site users unless that information is part of a request for service or information—for example, a request for an appointment. If we need information in order to provide a service, the user of the website will be told which information is elective and which is crucial for the service.

Who uses information collected on this website?

The only people who use the information collected on this website are Beautix employees If a visitor to this website adds additional information, as discussed above, that information is available to and used by only Beautix’s employees.

Beautix doesn’t sell, share or release any information about users of this website to any third parties. Personal information about individual Beautix web site users, which is submitted as part of a request for service or information, will not be shared in any way without specific consent from the user who submitted it. However, Beautix may disclose information when legally compelled to do so.

Why do we collect information?

Beautix’s web team and employees may use the information about website use patterns collected here to modify and enhance the Beautix website. We’ll only use personal identifying information like names, e-mails and addresses) in the manner requested by the site user.

Users may also use the Beautix website to communicate with our employees by e-mail. Because normal e-mail isn’t encrypted, there exists a possibility that unauthorized individuals could intercept e-mail messages between a website user and Beautix. Beautix is not responsible for the privacy of any e-mail messages, except for those stored in our system.

Legal Notice

The information provided on the Beautix website is provided for your information only, without warranty of any kind. This includes any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Keep in mind that some jurisdictions don’t allow exclusion of implied warranties, in which case the above exclusion may not apply to you.

You are authorized to view, copy, print and distribute these material in this website provided you meet the following conditions:

-- The materials may be used for your personal information only. -- Beautix reserves the right to revoke or modify any of the foregoing rights at any time.

The information on the Beautix website may also contain technological imprecision or editorial errors. We reserve the right to change, update and delete the information contained herein without notice. Beautix may also make additions or changes in the products and services described on this website at any time.

In no event will Beautix be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other types of consequential damages for use of the Beautix website including specifically, but not exclusively, any lost profits, interruption of business, or loss of data.

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